Your Kid is Awesome!

“Because parents need reminders, too.”

– Kid Encourager
(…as parent I’ve learned sometimes most of the time you have to say it twice…so here you go…)

Your Kid is Awesome!

About YKIA.

I am a parent of 4 kids and spend a lot of time around other parents with kids…which means (confession) I totally judge other parents based on on (a) how they act and, often more revealing, (b) how their kids act.

But (way) more than those other parents, I judge myself on how I act and how my kids act.  So when they act crazy*, the second question** I ask is, “How did I allow this craziness to happen?

Of course, any parent knows that answer isn’t straightforward (things that matter rarely are).  There is the complications of life and family and work and stress and diet and daycare and school and so many other things we don’t control!  So amidst the moments of being super annoyed, frustrated or dissapointed by my kids (and thereby, really, dissapointed in myself), sometimes I just need someone (usually my awesome wife) to gently lean in and whisper, “Don’t forget, Logan…your kid is awesome.

And you know what?  Those four little words help.  They help a lot!  It’s so easy to lose sight of just how awesome our children are.  But what if we didn’t?  What would our parenting look like if right in the thick of of the crazy we were reminded of the awesome that our kids are?  Well, to be honest, I don’t know.  That’s what this project is trying to discover.   Subscribe to receive update s if you want to discover it, too.

*  every parent knows what crazy is.  i do not need to define it.
** the first question is, “Whose kids are these?

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